This course is perfect for those who wish to share their joy of aviation with friends and family with their very own aircraft! 

A Private Pilot Licence allows individuals to fly an aeroplane for personal use, fun or as a hobby. Individuals may fly day VFR with as many passengers as the aircraft is certified to hold not exceeding 12,500 lbs. An applicant may add a night rating and or VFR Over-The-Top to their training. We will teach substantial knowledge of operating an aeroplane safely and professionally. The overall aim of this course is to allow individuals who thrive on sharing experiences with those closest to them.
-- Least 17 years of age
- Hold a current category 3 Canadian Aviation Medical (Find an examiner near you)
- Pass an English Proficiency Exam (if required)
- A minimum of 45 hours flight training (Dual 17 hours & 12 hours solo)
- 40 Hours Ground School 
- Pass the Transport Canada PPAER Written Exam
- Pass the flight test
                                       Enrollment open all year round 
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