Here's your chance to enter the world of aviation on a professional level. The Commercial Pilot Licence is for those who crave flight on a daily basis. If that's you, look no further! 
The Commercial Pilot Licence here at JoinAir is a full Transport Canada approved course. The course consists of 65 hours of flight training designed to get you ready for the real world of working as a Commercial Aeroplane Pilot. Applicants will learn a variety of flight exercises including but not limited to: taxiing, attitudes and movement, straight and level flight, climbing, descending, turns, flight for range and endurance, slow flight, stalls, take-offs, circuits, and approach and landings.  Ground school topics covered include: Canadian Aviation Regulations, aerodynamics and theory of flight, meteorology, airframes, engines and systems, flight instruments, radio and electronic theory, navigation, flight operations, licensing requirements, and human factors including pilot decision-making.
- Least 18 years of age
- Must hold a Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane or Helicopter Pilot Licence
- Hold a current Category 1 Canadian Aviation Medical Certificate (Find an examiner near you)
- Pass an English proficiency test (if required)
- A minimum of 80 hours of attended ground school 
- Pass the Transport Canada (CPAER) written exam with a minimum of 60%
- Pass the Commercial flight test
-A minimum of 65 hours flight training which includes the following:
- Dual 35 hours includes: 5 hours night flying (2 hours cross-country)
                                    5 hours cross-country
                                    20 hours instrument.
- Solo 30 hours includes: 5 hours night flying (10 take-offs and landings)
                                   25 hours of improving skills
                                    1 cross-country flight (300 NM from departure and 3 landings)
- The total flying time required to get a Commercial Pilot Licence including the Private Pilot Licence training is 200 hours; of which required is 100 hours of PIC with 20 hours of cross-country PIC.
- Those who hold a Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter will be fully credited 100 hours flight time towards the required 200 hours total.
- Those who hold a Private Pilot Licence - Helicopter will be fully credited 50 hours towards the 200 hours total flight time required. A maximum of 25 hours of pilot-in-command (PIC) will be credited towards the 100 hours PIC flight time required.
                                                                 Enrollment open all year round